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UCA Inclement Weather Policy



In general the University does not close due to inclement weather. When students are on campus, the University has a special obligation to maintain services. However, the obligation to provide educational and support services to students must be balanced with the personal safety of University employees.

University personnel are expected to be at work when the University is open. When weather conditions may make travel hazardous, employees must exercise their personal judgment in determining when it is safe to travel.

In certain situations the University may implement the Inclement Weather Conditions Policy. That decision will be based primarily upon the general safety of campus walkways and parking areas and upon the general safety of major roadways in Conway and in the immediately surrounding areas. The University will attempt to publicize Inclement Weather days through the local media by 6:30 a.m. on those days.

When the Inclement Weather Conditions Policy is in effect, employees arriving within two hours of their normal starting time will receive credit for their normal work hours for that day. Additionally, if unexpected weather conditions during the day create the need to close offices early, employees in non-essential roles may be released early and will be given credit for their normal work hours for that day. Employees arriving later than the two-hour limit or not coming to work will be charged for all time missed for that day.