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Grounds & Landscaping
Motor Pool
Pest Control
Trash Collection & Hazardous Materials
Housekeeping & Moving
Renovations & Remodels
Emergency Services
Physical Plant Inclement Weather Policy
UCA Inclement Weather Policy

Each building has an appointed Building Administrator who is responsible for requesting any physical plant service for the facility.  All work requests (other than emergencies) must be initiated through the Building Administrator's office.

Examples of budgeted UCAPPD services are as follows:

    Maintenance of structures and their attached systems
    Maintenance of streets, sidewalks and grounds
    Basic Housekeeping services
    Minor moving tasks and relocation of retired equipment and limited short-term storage
    Hazardous and medical waste disposal
    Paper recycling
    Trash and litter removal
    Commencement exercises

As resources allow, the UCAPPD also provides limited Departmental Services.   Departmental Services are those requested services that are not included in the UCAPPD annual budget and are charged back to departmental budgets.   All modifications to UCA E&G buildings and grounds must be performed or coordinated by the UCAPPD.

Examples of Departmental Services are as follows:

Alterations, renovations or remodeling of facilities
Purchase or installation of special equipment such as laboratory equipment, window treatment, special lighting, bulletin boards, pictures, plaques, shelving, case work, etc.
Painting other than on regular schedule
Repair work on departmental equipment
Motor Pool vehicle use
Warehouse merchandise
Custodial supplies such as paper towel and trash bags
Special Housekeeping services
Special Window Cleaning services
Special Moving services
Lost Keys replacement and Security of Building

Charges are made for time and material used.  A work order requesting Departmental Services must include an appropriate departmental account number to be charged.