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Physical Plant Inclement Weather Policy
UCA Inclement Weather Policy

As with all operations the magnitude of UCA, operations do not cease when bad weather occurs. Except in extreme cases, classes are usually held, and, even if the campus does close, there is work that must be done to prevent freezing problems and remove snow and ice. When the President decides conditions exist to close the University because of inclement weather and/or unsafe road conditions, the following plan of operation will be implemented.

1.  There are certain positions within the Physical Plant that are deemed critical to the operation of the University under adverse conditions. The personnel filling these positions will be required to report to work under the inclement weather situation. The critical positions are:

     A.  Director and/or Assistant Directors
     B.  Director of Housekeeping and/or Coordinator of Housekeeping
     C.  Grounds Superintendent
     D.  Administrative Support Supervisor
     E.  One HVAC Journeyman
     F.  One Electrical Journeyman
     G.  One Crafts Foreman

2.  If employees who do not fill critical positions cannot make it to work or will be late arriving, they must follow the call-in procedures and use vacation time as stated in the handbook. An employee is expected to use good judgement in considering trying to get in to work and not place his/herself in a hazardous situation if not necessary.

3.  The supervisor on duty will be in charge of dispatching work and setting priorities for scheduling required work for the time the campus is closed. If your supervisor is present, he/she will issue your instructions. If your supervisor is not present, the supervisor on duty will assign you instructions.

4.  An employee’s job may change with this type of occurrence. They may be required to clear snow or ice or work with HVAC personnel to protect equipment rooms from freezing. Each occurrence will be evaluated by Physical Plant supervisors.