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Housekeeping and Moving

UCAPPD Housekeeping Department provides basic custodial service, emphasizing safe, sanitary conditions, to more than 40 buildings on campus (approximately 2.1 million square feet of cleaning area.)  Routine cleaning tasks are performed by custodial staff working each weekday from 5 am to midnight.  Remedial RR cleaning, carpet cleaning and floor refinishing is scheduled after hours and on weekends.  Generally speaking, cleaning is prioritized in the following order: restroom/shower areas, classrooms, high traffic areas and office areas.

Non-routine custodial needs are scheduled with the director for custodial services, Adam Hensley (450-5386), the first shift custodial coordinator, Mary Ann Frisby (450-3453), or the second shift custodial coordinator Jason Steele (450-3453).  Custodial needs and concerns can also be directed to the Physical Plant Front Desk (450-3196).

UCAPPD Moving Department provides basic moving services to the campus.  Contact Dustin Strom or David Anthes at 450-3454.  Special Event moving needs (tables, chairs, microphones, etc.) are completed through the Office of Outreach and Community Engagement (450-3118)