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UCAPPD Maintenance Department is the Planning and Scheduling, Electrical, Carpenter, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Locksmith, Plumbing and Paint Shops.   These shops, under the general umbrella of "Crafts," operate with a preventive maintenance program that is planned and scheduled through a computerized work control system.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance consists of routine maintenance on all equipment requiring regular attention, such as replacement of parts, cleaning, lubrication, filter changes, inspection and operational checks.  General maintenance items are also scheduled through the computerized work control system.   Planned general maintenance is setup for repairs to maintain the interior and exterior of all educational and general buildings.  Supervisors handle daily service calls and assign priorities for service.  All other Crafts personnel are assigned to the ongoing preventive maintenance program.  Emergency call out service is provided seven days a week.  All after hour emergency service calls are reported through UCA Police Department ext. 450-3111.

During spring break, scheduled holidays and selected weekends and nights, the Physical Plant plans and schedules special work teams to perform regular preventive maintenance in areas that are difficult to access during normal workdays.  These responsibilities are coordinated through Terry Starnes, Asst. Dir.-Crafts & Safety at ext. 450-5385.

Mechanical and electrical equipment has been inventoried and labeled with silver tags.  When requesting service, include equipment asset number on work order request for clarification, when possible.