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Get a copy of the VSP-1 form here. (Required to drive on University business).

Get a printable copy of the Multi-Passenger Van occupancy limits acknowledgement form here.  This is to be completed and returned to the Physical Plant Vehicle Leasing office (Attn:  Tina Strickland).

Read more about the Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program and how to lease a car or van here.

Persons wishing to operate a full sized passenger van (9 – 15 passengers) in connection with university business are required to complete a basic training course on van safety.  The Physical Plant EHS Department provides this training as necessary throughout the year to meet campus needs.

 In addition, drivers are required to submit a Vehicle Safety Program form and a Multi-Passenger occupancy limit acknowledgement form (see links to the left). 

Van safety training can be made available in both group/class settings (for 3 or more people) or through independent study.  To schedule a class or to complete the training through independent study, please contact the EHS office (450-3196) or email David Anthes (