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The University Safety Committee is an advisory group charged with identifying and helping address safety conditions on the UCA campus. The committee will review any existing or potential hazards that could affect students, faculty, and staff and foster an environment free from unreasonable risk.

The committee is comprised of senior administrative staff and various volunteers from University Police, Student Health, Office of the President, Division of University and Government Relations, Environmental Health & Safety, Physical Plant, Human Resources, and the College of Natural Science and Mathematics as well as appointed representatives from the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate, and the Staff Senate.

The University Safety Committee strives to be a campus-community driven committee and exists to hear and review your concerns in regard to environmental health and safety.  This requires your input and support.  If you have concerns or input in regard to environmental health and safety you can contact the committee chairman, Tim Decker, by phone at 501-852-2323 or by email (