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View a copy of BOT policy #415 here.

View the minutes of the latest EHS Committee  meeting here.

According to Board of Trustees Policy #415, the responsibilities of the Environmental Health and Safety Committee includes:
  • Periodic review of environmental health and safety policies, procedures and manuals related to the use of hazardous materials by the various colleges and departments on campus
  • Assure that regular campus-wide audits and/or surveys for regulatory compliance are conducted
  • Assist with coordination of safety-related administrative initiatives
  • Provide centralized environmental health and safety guidance to all areas of the University
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the University’s environmental health and safety programs

Current Committee Members:

Tim Decker, Chairman
Larry Lawrence, Secretary
Jacquie Rainey
Gayle Seymour
Ginny Adams
Chris Bentley
Russ Hooper
Dennis Strom

The primary purpose of the EHS Committee is to continuously improve the safety of staff, students, residents and visitors to the UCA campus.  It reports directly to the Vice President of Finance and Administration as well as the University Safety Committee.  If you have questions or areas of concern you would like to bring to the attention of this committee, please contact the Environmental Health and Safety office at 501-852-2323 or email Tim Decker (