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Miscellaneous Information:

Physical Plant Dept. Phone List
Building Legend - Name
Building Legend - Numbers
E&G Building Key Policy
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Parking Lot Data
Physical Plant 2010 Self Study

Hazardous Waste Information:

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Waste Pickup Form
Medical Waste
Sharps Containers
Construction Project Pictures
UCA Physical Plant Mission Statement
It is the mission of the UCA Physical Plant to:

-Support campus departments in achieving their objectives by focusing on customer service and teamwork.
-Operate and maintain campus facilities that are safe, healthy, and comfortable for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
-Create an environment where our employees can learn and grow personally and professionally, emphasizing respect for the individual, honesty, integrity, and competent performance of duty.
PO Box 4974
201 Donaghey Ave.
Conway AR 72035-0001

Contact Information:
Phone 501-450-3196
FAX 501-450-5399

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

Contact Information
Monday - Friday
4:30pm to Midnight:

Midnight to 7:00am:
For Emergencies and info,
click HERE for link to MSDS Online.

Suggestions, Comments or Questions?
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Physical Plant Policies and Procedures

UCA Physical Plant Quick Facts:
Total Campus Buildings/Facilities - 124
Total Building Square Feet Maintained - 3,242,632
Total Campus Acreage - 356.25
Total Campus Green Space and Landscaped Acreage - 200
Total Campus Parking Spaces - 6,525

Larry Lawrenc e
Director of the Physical Plant
Larry Lawrence
Phone: 450-3196
Velton Daves
Velton Daves
Associate Director of  the Physical Plant
Phone: 450-5387
Russ Hooper
Crafts and Maintenance
Keys and Locksmith Shop
Russ Hooper
Assistant Director of the Physical Pl.ant
Phone: 450-5385

Buck McArthur
CAD - CAFM - Internet Departments
Buck McArthur
Project/Program Administrator
Phone: 450-5394

CAD Manager, Campus Maps, Physical Plant websites, facility management databases and building floor plans (digital and/or hardcopy)

Kevin Carter
University Construction Manager
Phone: 501-428-0505

Jon Davis
Motor Pool - Maintenance
Jon Davis
Grounds Manager
Phone: 450-5383

Maintenance and repair of university-owned vehicles

Michelle Ellington
Director of Energy and Sustainability
Phone: 450-3610

Energy conservation, HVAC system design, quality of interior environments and utility costs

Donna Murphy
Administrative Support
Donna Murphy
Administrative Support Supervisor
Phone: 450-3196

Accounting, billing and office administration

For switchboard operation, phone service additions and changes, email or call:
David Hogan
Switchboard Admin Specialist II
(450-3665 )

Telephone service request form
Supplies  and Services  form
Voice mail Quick Reference Guide
Adam Hensley
Recycling & Custodial Services Supervisor
Phone: 514-4302

Recycling, custodial service, trash pick up, restroom and shower care and carpet cleaning

To report problems or request house cleaning service, email or call:
Mary Ann Frisby (450-5219) or
Jason Steele (450-5396)

Physical Plant Policies & Procedures

Tim Decker
Environmental Program Coordinator
Tim Decker
Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
Phone: 852-2323

Terry Williams
Housing & Residence Life Maintenance
Terry Williams
Housing Construction
Phone: 450-5189

New construction, remodeling and renovations for housing facilities
Craft Maintenance
Dennis Strom
Phone: 450-5393

To report heating or air problems, call Dennis or the Front Desk at the Physical Plant (450-3196).

For after-hours emergencies, call the UCA Police Department (450-3111).

Physical Plant  Policies and Procedures
Work Order Request Form

Jim BeattyWarehouse
Jim Beatty
Warehouse Supervisor
Phone: 450-5391
Jon Davis
Grounds and Landscape Management
Jon Davis
Grounds Manager
Phone: 450-5383

Maintenance of lawns, trees and shrubs; ice and snow removal; campus irrigation systems, pest management and animal control; recycling, greenhouse operation and planting beds; maintenance and repair of streets, sidewalks, parking lots, campus signage and cleaning of street drains, roof drains and gutters

for athletic facility grounds, see Dennis Strom's contact information above.

To report problems or request service, call 450-5854

For after-hours emergencies, call the UCA Police Department (450-3111)
Tina Strickland
Motor Pool - Scheduling
Tina Strickland
Phone: 450-5398

Scheduling of Physical Plant fleet and rentals
Chris Knight
Moving Services
Chris Knight
Project Specialist
Phone: 450-5395
Athletic Field Maintenance
Jacob Snuggs
Phone: 501-205-9129

Mowing, irrigation, fertilization, aeration and line marking of all athletic game and practice fields

Questions or comments about the Physical Plant web pages? Contact Buck McArthur